A Beautiful Dream Challenge! We need your video!

October 31, 2020
1:29 am
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Hi everyone! We are looking for creative-types, friends, family, people from all backgrounds and places, to be in RANDY HALL’s New music video for a new song called, “A Beautiful Dream.”
WHO: YOU, your children, your grandma and cousins, your friends, everyone!

Please share this freely of you dancing/rollerskating/singing/saying/mouthing phrases of the song: “a Beautiful Dream”or any lyrics you like from the song. Also, whatever inspires you from listening to the song. It can be home video-style, dancing, smiling/hopeful/determined face, or rollerskating! 🙂

You can just use your phone (horizontal) and share it directly to us by responding to this email or sending it through any platform where we’re connected @RANDYHALLMUSIC, or email randyhallmusic1@gmail.com

Here’s a link to listen to it now:

WHEN: July 31st!

That’s right, this is our last call for video clips.

No need to “audition,” just send us your videos right away!

We intend to use every single clip.

Unless, of course, if it’s deemed somehow inappropriate.

While this is not paid, we want to include EVERYONE who sends us a video in the final music video. Please include your email in your submission, so we can let you know when and where it will be released.

Send your videos to: randyhallmusic1@gmail.com

“A Beautiful Dream” will be Available July 31st!

Randy Hall


Hey RANDY HALL Fans!!!

🤩Here’s your chance to be in Randy Hall’s upcoming music video for his new song, “A Beautiful Dream”!

🎥Just make a video on your phone dancing or having fun and send your video to: randyhallmusic1@gmail.com

and add your video on your social media adding #abeautifuldreamchallenge @randyhallmusic

🗓Send your video by 07/31/20 to be included in Randy Hall’s new music video!

📺Check out the promo video and LOOK who’s in the music video! Wanna join us?!!

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